What is de Mesa Training & Advisory?
Innovate, engage and tell the story with the impact of the next seven generations in mind.

We are the outcome of the unique background and expertise of Alycia de Mesa.

We want to help those who do good in the world to brand, market and tell stories better and more effectively for positive impact and purpose.

Using best practices and practical, engaging instruction, we are on a mission to train and advise high-impact organizations to communicate positively and clearly to engage diverse internal and external audiences.

Are you part of a small to mid-size company, mutli-national corporation, municipal agency, nonprofit, start-up or social venture?

Let us empower your brand and your internal departments. Scroll down for services that can be tailored for your specific needs.

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About Our Founder
Alycia de Mesa’s Mission

is to train and advise the people, organizations and companies who do good in the world for impact and purpose.

Her 25-year professional focus has been to help companies, organizations and individual people succeed with brand development, marketing, communications and storytelling for engaging and positive outcomes. As a national and international brand and marketing advisor, she has worked with all sizes of business from Fortune 100 to start-ups as well as nonprofits and social ventures.

As Founder and Chief Advisor of de Mesa Training & Advisory, Alycia educates, engages and advises clients on the above within the framework of sustainability and social impact.

de Mesa Training and Advisory
Our Services

We provide organization training and advising for the core areas below.

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